Alaska Railroad - Traylor Photography

Alaskan Line

For all non Alaskans. This is what 11:42 looks like here. The sun light is still shining of of the locomotive. The street lights have just turned on. This phoro looks simple at first glance. This is a 5 picture panorama of the Alaskan passenger train. What makes this picture difficult are all the straight lines. When a panorama is stitched together the image is sometimes greatly distorted. Train tracks, buildings, and horizons are noticeably affected. In photoshop I have the ability to fix this distortion, but I have to manually fix every distorted line seperately. That is what made this picture a bit difficult. I had to fix the train tracks and all of the vertical and horizontal lines. Whew. some work, but it was actually sort of fun.

DSC5822AlaskaAnchorageWestadaptive wide anglebuildingscloudsdepotdieseldistortiondowntownlandscapelinelocomotivepanoramapassengerphotoshoprailroadrangerocksolsticespringstitchtouristtrackstrain