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The end of...

I shot this picture on Tuesday March 13th. In the picture I captured the end of a passing freight train for the Alaska Railroad. I wanted to capture the locomotive with a slower shutter speed, but I didn't have time to get my camera settings right before it had passed. Using a slower shutter speed would allow me to capture the movement of the train and the blowing snow around it. I instead settled for the the end of the train, hoping that a caboose would be the last train car. With the light and color of the setting sun I felt that the scene was very surreal. Sadly the beauty of this image is ruined by what happened less than an hour afterwards. At or around the railroad crossing of Arctic boulevard this freight train struck and killed a pedestrian that was on the tracks. I captured the beauty of the scenery around the end of the train. The same train that was soon to be the end of someones life.

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